The ‘Culture/s’-research component focuses on the ‘security gap’ from an analytical perspective that is – in the broadest sense – informed by discourse theoretical premises. In general, this means that the research focuses on issues such as identity, cultural representations, everyday life; it focuses on discourses as a technology that produces, legitimises and secures power. In particular, the ‘security gap’ is understood as a discursive mechanism, and our overall interest lies in grasping its complex working.

There are two workshops planned in 2013 that bring together scholars who work on related issues. One of the workshops will focus on the nature of contemporary ‘security elites’, in other words, discursively produced forms of authority in relation to the ‘security gap’. The other workshop seeks to stimulate new knowledge about the ‘security gap’ and the ‘politics of time’, as it is inherent in contemporary notions of ‘security’ and ‘risk’.

Contact: Dr Sabine Selchow, s.u.selchow [at]