Negotiations of the »New World«: The Omnipresence of »Global« as a Political PhenomenonBooksCulture/s.Geographies.

»Global« is everywhere .... but what do social actors actually do when using this term? This new book argues that the omnipresence of the adjective 'global' is not just a linguistic curiosity but a distinct political phenomenon: the negotiation and reproduction of the 'new world'.

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by Andrey Makarychev, University of Tartu This working paper proposes a cultural reading of security, focussing on Russia as a case study. Following Alexander Wendt’s logic of “cultures of anarchy”, the paper treats the sphere of security as generative of cultural meanings constitutive for international actors’ identities. It is through discourses and images that different

Ethical and Methodological Research Considerations in Insecure PlacesWorking PapersCulture/s.Geographies.Indicators.Rules.Tools.

by Sam Vincent This document summarises the final Security in Transition programme Field Research Ethics and Methodology workshop held at the London School of Economics on 17 October, 2016. As with previous workshops, the substance of the presentations and discussion focused on the ethical and methodological questions raised in the course of conducting research on

The paths not (yet) taken: Ulrich Beck, the ‘cosmopolitized world’ and security studiesJournal ArticlesCulture/s.

This article sets out to experiment with sociologist Ulrich Beck’s work and explores paths that have not yet been taken with Beck in the Security Studies. The paper argues that if we want to take Beck seriously, we need to look beyond his ‘risk society’ thesis and acknowledge that his main thesis was that we live in a social reality that is qualitatively new and, consequently, calls for a radical shift in how we look at and talk about this ‘new world’. This implies two things. First, it requires accepting that research inspired by Beck can always only be ‘provisional’ because of the inherent provisionality of his own scholarly endeavour. Second, it means that if one wants to take Beck’s work as a whole seriously in Security Studies, ‘security’ needs to be studied from within the ‘new world’ he imagines.

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The Construction of “European security” in “The European Union in a Changing Global Environment”: A Systematic AnalysisJournal ArticlesCulture/s.

This article systematically studies HR Federica Mogherini's strategic paper "The European Union in a Changing Global Environment" to understand the discursive foundations of the new EU Global Strategy.

Global Security Cultures: A Theoretical Framework for analysing Security in TransitionWorking PapersCulture/s.Geographies.Indicators.Rules.Tools.

This paper introduces the concept of security cultures as a theoretical framework to enable scholars to make sense of the competing ideas and practices that currently characterise the field of security.

Resilience and resilient in Obama’s National Security Strategy 2010: Enter two ‘political keywords’Journal ArticlesCulture/s.

This article looks at the use of the words 'resilient' and 'resilience' in Obama's National Security Strategy 2010 and argues that it constitutes an exercise in ‘occupying’ these words with ideologically loaded meanings. This can be interpreted as the actualisation of both words as ‘political keywords’.

The Drones of Others: An Insight into the Imagination of UAVs in GermanyJournal ArticlesCulture/s.

This paper explores the imagination of 'drones' in Germany and reveals how they are symbolically ‘tamed’ through a (modern) understanding of bordered social ‘containers’, in which they are imagined to exist and, subsequently, are subject to ‘compartmentalised’ responsibilities.

Why Another ‘War on Terror’ Won’t WorkBlogCulture/s.

It could have been even worse, though that is hard to contemplate. The suicide bombers arrived at the Stade de France 20 minutes after the start of the game. Probably they had been planning to blow themselves up in the midst of the crowds while they were queuing up to enter the stadium. But they came by car, which was very stupid, as everyone knows that, in that part of Paris when there is a game, the roads are blocked and there is nowhere to park. When one of the bombers was refused entry by a security guard, they all blew themselves up. Instead of hundreds of people, they killed one person other than themselves.

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The Afghan Local Police- Closing the Security Gap?Journal ArticlesCulture/s.Rules.

The Afghan Local Police (ALP) was designed as an international counterinsurgency programme that works by raising small, village-level defence forces from within rural Afghan communities. Despite being driven by counterinsurgency objectives – that is, seeking to defeat insurgents - its emphasis upon harnessing local populations reflects broader fashions in development and security policy circles. Such policies, in turn, are commonly seen as emerging from a body of theoretical literature that is rethinking the nature of political order in conflict-torn spaces.

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