Confronting Genocide and Mass Atrocities: Challenges for International Action

  • Date: 21st October 2013
  • Time: 17.00pm - 18.30pm
  • Venue: Room 2.06, New Academic Building, LSE
  • Chair: Professor Tim Allen,
  • Speakers: Adam Lupel, Iavor Rangelov, Frances Stewart, Ernesto Verdeja,

This panel discussed the possibilities of mobilizing international support to prevent and stop genocide and mass atrocities, focusing on causes, strategies of intervention and prevention, and impediments to timely and robust action.

The event also marked the publication of Responding to Genocide: The Politics of International Action, a project of the International Peace Institute.

Adam Lupel is editor and senior fellow at the International Peace Institute in New York.

Iavor Rangelov is global security research fellow at the Civil Society and Human Security Research Unit, LSE and co-chair of the London Transitional Justice Network.

Frances Stewart is emeritus professor of development economics at the University of Oxford and recipient of the 2013 Leontief prize for advancing the frontiers of economic thought.

Ernesto Verdeja is assistant professor of political science and peace studies at the University of Notre Dame and board member of the Institute for the Study of Genocide.