The Struggle for Iraq’s Future

  • Date: 7th May 2014
  • Time: 18.30pm - 20.00pm
  • Venue: Room 1.04, New Academic Building, LSE
  • Chair: Professor Mary Kaldor
  • Speakers: Zaid Al-Ali

Al-Ali book cover

In this lecture, launching Zaid al-Ali’s new book The Struggle for Iraq’s Future, the author will provide a uniquely insightful interpretation of Iraq’s nation-building progress in the wake of the 2003 war. Al-Ali will argue that the 2005 constitution is illegitimate and established a system of government so extreme that it could never be implemented, creating a void that the country has been struggling to fill since. The people’s trust, he contends, has been betrayed by all segments of Iraq’s ruling elites who have negotiated the formation of government on the basis of personal self-interest, patronage and deceit. Al-Ali will conclude that the solution lies in establishing a road map for reform that should be imposed on the ruling parties by all the major components of civil society.  The Struggle For Iraq’s Future