Dayton, 20 Years Later: Reconciliation in the Former Yugoslavia?

In his contribution to Esglobal's special issue on the 20th anniversary of the Dayton Peace Agreement, Dr Iavor Rangelov takes a critical look at transitional justice and the discourse of reconciliation in the region and asks: Is reconciliation a good idea?

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Why Another ‘War on Terror’ Won’t Work

´╗┐It could have been even worse, though that is hard to contemplate. The suicide bombers arrived at the Stade de France 20 minutes after the start of the game. Probably they had been planning to blow themselves up in the midst of the crowds while they were queuing up to enter the stadium. But they came by car, which was very stupid, as everyone knows that, in that part of Paris when there is a game, the roads are blocked and there is nowhere to park. When one of the bombers was refused entry by a security guard, they all blew themselves up. Instead of hundreds of people, they killed one person other than themselves.

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Challenging the Syrian State: using information systems to document human rights violations

Syrian human rights defenders have mobilised information systems in order to document human rights violations and to challenge the legitimacy of the Syrian state. They use a mixture of advanced and low-tech Information Communication Technology (ICT), which empower them but also expose them to harm.

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Syria: Yes to intervention, but de-escalate the broader conflict

Read Mary Kaldor's latest comment on, arguing that key to any intervention in Syria is to combine upholding human rights inside Syria with de-escalation of the broader regional conflict.

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