‘All these Outsiders Shouted Louder Than Us’: Civil Society Engagement with Transitional Justice in Uganda

Phil Clark

This paper examines civil society interactions with transitional justice in Uganda. It argues that the role of civil society in transitional justice is more complex, and often more circumscribed, than many commentators and practitioners expect. Because of pressures from the state, foreign donors and international civil society, Ugandan civil society has often struggled to maintain a coherent and effective voice on transitional justice matters. Furthermore, Ugandan civil society has become highly fragmented, as ideological differences and the scramble for resources have undermined efforts to forge broad-based agendas for change. In particular, important divisions have emerged between Kampala- and northern Uganda-based NGOs and, within the north, between those based in the urban centre of Gulu and those in more rural areas.

CS and TJ working paper_Uganda

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