Ethical and Methodological Research Considerations in Insecure Places

by Sam Vincent

This document summarises the final Security in Transition programme Field Research Ethics and Methodology workshop held at the London School of Economics on 17 October, 2016. As with previous workshops, the substance of the presentations and discussion focused on the ethical and methodological questions raised in the course of conducting research on and in places affected by insecurity and violence. The workshop was the last of a series devoted to reflecting on these issues as they arose in the course of the Security in Transition research. This final workshop was run jointly with the Justice and Security Research Programme (JSRP) and included contributions from a number of researchers affiliated with one or both programmes. The workshop itself consisted of nine presentations divided into three sessions, and these were followed by a final wrap-up session. Rather than restating the substance of these presentations and the discussion they provoked, this report draws out some recurrent themes that emerged in the course of the day.

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