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‘Unsere beste Waffe ist keine Waffe’ (German edition of ‘The ultimate weapon is no weapon’)

Shannon Beebe and Mary Kaldor’s ‘The ultimate weapon is no weapon’ has now been published in German – ‘Unsere beste Waffe ist keine Waffe: Konfliktlösungen für das 21. Jahrhundert‘ 

In this book, two authors brought together from distant points on the political spectrum by their concerns about the repercussions of violent political conflict on human lives, explain and explore a new idea for stabilizing the dangerous neighborhoods of the world. They challenge head-on Condoleezza Rice’s declaration that “it is not the job of the 82nd Airborne Division to escort kids to kindergarten” contending that, in fact, it should be. When marginalized populations are trapped in poverty and lawlessness and denied political power and justice brutality, and fascism thrive. Human security is a new concept for clarifying what peace requires and the policies and priorities by which to achieve it.