Anouk S. RigterinkIndicators.


Anouk Rigterink is a Research Officer and LSE Fellow at the London School of Economics and Political Science. She does research on the political economy of violent conflict. This includes the relationship between natural resources and violent conflict, and the role of media or information and communication technologies (ICTs) in conflict-affected situations.

For the Security in Transition project, Anouk investigates how conflict and security are measured. This helps to answer questions such as: is violent conflict today systematically different, in terms of who is targeted and who are the perpetrators, compared to twenty, forty or even sixty years ago? Is the way we measure conflict today a good reflection of how safe people in conflict-affected areas are? What do current indicators miss?

In addition, Anouk contributes to a project gathering time- and geo-coded data on instances of violence and attempts at peace-making in Syria (funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council) and to a project investigating the impact of drone strikes on the internal organisation of violent groups in FATA, Pakistan.

She holds a PhD in Development Studies from LSE.